In an era of cord-cutting and newsletter abundance, there are some things that are worth it, and many things that are not! I’m going to break down my subscription list.

United States streaming services

Cable and satellite are awful. The ugly, horrific set-top box, the 12/24-month lock-in period, and the channels upon channels of garbage programming are completely unnecessary. The beautiful thing about streaming is that, sure, you may save a ton of money (I saved about 50% off my DirecTV bill when I cut the cord several years ago), but you also gain the convenience of being able to cycle onto services when…

Which bike should you choose?

This post is updated regularly. Last update: 18 February 2021.

Home-based fitness that combines the economic and cultural characteristics of owning a mobile device with the traditional efficacy of high-intensity interval training was the disruptive trend of the fitness industry long before COVID-19 upended the world. Like most things related to COVID-19, the virus didn’t cause a rapid shift any more than it exposed the weaknesses already present in existing businesses and their business models.

There are many options for at-home fitness just as there are many gyms to join. Also, several fitness instructors have taken to offering Zoom classes…

Developer Relations is all about helping communities of developers be successful. Presumably, we choose to work in a Developer Relations role for a project, community, product, or company because we believe that the organization we’re affiliated with makes a meaningful contribution and positive impact on the communities we love being a part of.

I’ve spent over 20 years building, advising, and shaping Developer Relations teams for a variety of products at Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Twitter, and numerous startups, including Timescale, my current employer. Over the years, I’ve found that Developer Relations professionals use the same fundamental…

“The things you own end up owning you”

In mid-2001, I lived in a high-rise Seattle apartment, having returned to a second stint at Microsoft as a refugee of the dot-com bust in Silicon Valley. Over my time in the high-flying late-90s, I had accumulated a dizzying array of books, CDs, DVDs, and assorted knick-knacks from my world travels.

One of these knick-knacks was a set of 8 goblets that I had found in Istanbul on a business trip. I had the opportunity to experience Turkish culture in the way that most business travelers get to experience any foreign culture: a 1 hour block of time sandwiched…

Prashant S

Proud Californian. He/his.

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