Cord Cutting and Other Subscriptions

In an era of cord-cutting and newsletter abundance, there are some things that are worth it, and many things that are not! I’m going to break down my subscription list.

United States streaming services

Cable and satellite are awful. The ugly, horrific set-top box, the 12/24-month lock-in period, and the channels upon channels of garbage programming are completely unnecessary. The beautiful thing about streaming is that, sure, you may save a ton of money (I saved about 50% off my DirecTV bill when I cut the cord several years ago), but you also gain the convenience of being able to cycle onto services when programming of interest to you is available, and cycle off when it isn’t. For example, I love the show Billions. But it’s literally the only show on Showtime I care for. So, I subscribe to Showtime for a month, binge a season of Billions, and unsubscribe when I’m done.

With that in mind, here is a list of all the streaming services available in the US and when I elect to subscribe or cancel them:

Streaming programming I loved

I’m being overly praiseful when I say “loved”. Some of this programming is merely tolerable. But apart from sitting on my SoulCycle bike and pedaling to nowhere or sitting on a Zoom and staring into nowhere, there’s not much else to do these days. That said, here’s a list of programming I enjoyed (in no particular order) and would recommend considering if you’re at the end of your rope in terms of new stuff to watch:



Amazon Prime:


Legendary shows always worth bingeing:

Newsletters I subscribe to

We’re in a sort of “newsletter renaissance”. I’m old enough to remember spending a day every month unsubscribing to crap newsletters littering my spam folder. But now, people actually pay “thought leaders” to tell us what’s interesting. Some of it is good, some of it is mediocre, and so I won’t hurt anybody’s feelings, I will not mention the ones I think are truly horrible.

Newspapers, magazines, and books

I cycle on and off a few subscriptions here.

Note, I am a Kindle reader. I love being able to have my books with me everywhere (in the Before Times, we traveled quite a bit) and dislike clutter in the home (read my view on minimalism in “200 Things”).


I’ll keep this updated with new services and (hopefully) some international subscriptions as well. @ me on Twitter (@CoolAssPuppy) or comment here!

Proud Californian. He/his.

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