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  • April Underwood

    April Underwood

    Product lady, investor, sun-seeker. Formerly of Twitter, Google, Texas, Math Olympiad team or whatever.

  • Chris Vontas

    Chris Vontas

    Engineer @Redsift. ex-(@thomsonreuters, MPme) Makes developers and servers happy!

  • Tom Gallagher

    Tom Gallagher

    Ruby on Rails / iOS / Android Developer. Co-founder of https://t.co/Blf35uqWlS

  • matt mitchell

    matt mitchell

    technology fellow @Ford Foundation

  • Kevin Gibbons

    Kevin Gibbons

    Co-founder, CEO at @Re_signal, a strategy-driven content marketing agency https://resignal.com

  • Bill Richardson

    Bill Richardson

    Startups, music, sports, writing, BD/mktg/sales. http://Noodle.com http://TakeLessons.com, http://Weplay.com, http://Active.com, IMG. San Diego.

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